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Host a new kind of cocktail party with our interactive, instructional events teaching the basics of spirits and craft mixology.

Each guest will have their own workstation to learn

the techniques of pouring, shaking, and stirring. They

will be guided through the preparation of each

custom drink by our own cocktail expert.

$2,000 professional mixologist fee

$30 material fee per guest

Additional $250 assistant fee for groups of 12+

Includes choice of 2 or 3 cocktails, custom menus, spill mats, shaker tin, glassware, strainer, muddler, stirring spoons, ice scoops, cocktail straws, cocktail napkins

v i r t u a l   c l a s s e s

h a p p e n i n g   n o w !

Don't let social distancing ruin the party! We will lead the class on a virtual video call, where you and your guests can follow along and create custom cocktails from home.

$950 professional mixologist fee

No additional material fees

Printable recipes and shopping guides will be provided

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